The Scout Troop caters for young people between the ages of 10½ and 14 years. Alongside your new friends, you’ll master the skills that will help you weather the storms of life, and try things you’d never get the chance to do at home or at school - working with trained volunteers to achieve whatever you set your mind to.

10½ - 14 Years

The Cubs Section is for boys and girls from 8 to 10½ years of age. Even though you might not be ready to climb Mount Everest just yet, you’re guaranteed to have plenty of adventures on your own doorstep, because being a Cub is all about making the most of what you have, wherever and whoever you are.
Beaver Scouts are the youngest section for boys & girls aged between 6 and 8. Going to Beavers is very different from going to school. Instead of learning from books, you’ll figure the world out by exploring, playing and doing.  The most important skills you’ll learn at Beavers are the ones that will make you feel super strong, standing on your own two feet. 

6 - 8 Years

8 - 10½ Years

1st Ash Vale